People of Scotland

One phrase that kept popping up over and over during the 2014 Referendum was ‘People of Scotland’, and to be honest, it bugged me.

There’s something about the phrase that invokes the fallacy that everyone agrees with you, therefore you must be right. It also conjures up images of one monolithic bloc in which everyone thinks alike, and anyone who doesn’t go along with the groupthink isn’t ‘one of us’. It discounts the existence of subcultures and contrary voices.

With this in mind, I put together a short presentation for the school where I work, as part of the St Andrew’s Day celebrations that would (I hope) dispel the idea of ‘the people of Scotland’…

*Yeah, the figures were inspired by Cyanide and Happiness. Because.
*The song is Canned Heat’s cover of Let’s Stick Together.
*This was put together in Apple Keynote. I can only use the tools I’m given!

2 responses to “People of Scotland

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