Whisky tasting notes: October 2019

A couple of friends suggested I go to the Jolly Toper whisky tastings at the Kilderkin pub in Edinburgh. I enjoyed it so much, I’ve been going back ever since, every third Thursday.

Please note: I know nothing about whisky. I cannot discern the flavours other people can, and I couldn’t tell a good whisky from a bad one. All I can do is jot down how it made me feel, in my own way… of course, it’s entirely possible I could taste a particular whisky again and come to a completely different conclusion. A lot depends on my frame of mind: how tired I am, what kind of day I had at work, what I ate earlier on, and so on. So regard these notes more as an exercise in creativity than a comment on each dram.

Whisky tasting notes, 17/10/19

Whisky 1a)

  • Faintly spicy? Sharp whiff of adventure, the kind with a young Sean Connery in a tuxeo flying in a classic jet plane. Sleek, smooth yet sharp.
    (Haig blend 1971 40%, £50 in 2013)

Whisky 1b)

  • Smells like its adventuring days are behind it, the sort with an old Harrison Ford in a beaten leather jacket, flying in a biplane coughing out fumes.
    (Haig Dimple blend 2019, 40%, £32)

Whisky 2)

  • Sharp, strong, powerful, lively, exuberant – this is the BRIAN BLESSED OF WHISKIES. You cannot ignore it. Just go with the LOUD JOLLITY. No point diluting it – it’d be like asking Brian to ‘tone it down a bit’ (what’s the point?).
    (Ben Nevis 23yo 53.6% bottled by Chorlton, £103)

Whisky 3)

  • Fuck me this is rough. Like gargling with gravel. Improves with water, but I’m left feeling like I just had open heart surgery.
    (Kinsgbarns/ St Andrews 3yo 62.5%, £75 fuck off and die I’d never pay that for this)

Whisky 4)

  • Smokey. Tangy. Smells of fumes. Tastes of combustion. reminiscent of carbon undergoing oxidation. Reminds me of the Australian national sport of summertime rural arson.
    (Caol Ila/ James Eadie 9yo 56.7%, price forgotten already)

Bonus whisky 5)

  • Didn’t sample enough of this to get a clear sense of it – didn’t leave any immediate strong impressions. Sorry!
    (JP Wisers/ Dissertation 40% no age statement, Canadian whisky £25)



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