Whisky tasting notes: April 2021

It’s been a while, but now that Scotland’s lockdown restrictions are easing off bit by bit, I’ve been able to take part in another online whisky tasting…

My standard disclaimer: I know nothing about whisky. I jot down how each one makes me feel (in my own way), and it’s entirely possible if I tasted a particular whisky again I’d come to a completely different conclusion (depending on my frame of mind.) Regard these notes more as an exercise in creativity than a comment on each dram!

Notes: April 2021

Whisky 1)

  • Colour – like a truth serum from an old spy movie.
    Nose – the smell of fear and danger, with a hint of chocolate and nut.
    Palate – a fission reactor on the tongue (but gentler when you add water – kinda like bitter liquorice?)
    Finish – Like one of those uncomplicated superhero films when all is lost, but the heroic music swells, Iron Man re-energises, there’s a special effects fight, and all is well again.
    (Tomintoul, 60.4%,16yo (2004), £110)

Whisky 2)

  • Colour – the warm orangey colour that reminds me of a girl’s hair, the girl who wrecked me when I was 21.
    Nose – chocolatey-nutty-coffee, and as smooth as Lando Calrissian.
    Palate – strong flavours with a hint of mustiness, no idea which way this is going to go…
    Finish – smooth and smoky, like a deal going down in a sleazy speakeasy.
    (Old Smuggler blend, a Scottish whisky, but a US import, bottled in the 1950s, 43%, price unknown…)

Whisky 3)

  • Colour – faded orange, like Donald Trump’s allure.
    Nose – intensely sweet and fruity, like hard drugs for pollinating insects.
    Palate – like an alien creature who wants to know more about this “strange thing you humans call love”
    Finish – the flying saucer has now abandoned you in a fresh country field in the middle of nowhere, but it doesn’t matter because the probing was *great*.
    (Dailuaine, 12yo 58%, £60)

Whisky 4)

  • Colour – dark, like a supervillain’s decor.
    Nose – faint, like the whispers of evil reborn in faraway lands.
    Palate – sour and smoky, like suffering defeat in an attack by dragons against your village.
    Finish – makes you think you’re a ghost haunting the burnt-out ruins; better with water – complex flavours come out (fruit, nuts, forest campfire…)
    Arran, 7yo, 2012 peated spirit in sherry cask, 54.2%, £62.95)

Whisky 5)

  • Colour – weak, but not totally pathetic.
    Nose – faint, lingering sweetness like memories of distant childhood playtimes.
    Palate – wow. Fuck, this is weird. Intense; now it’s hot; WTF is going on in my mouth?
    Finish – this would startle the horses. And pleasure them. And starle them all over again. It’s better with water – tangy and sweet.
    (Islay, no age, distillery unknown, 58.2%, £53)

3 responses to “Whisky tasting notes: April 2021

  1. I’m getting a cocktail taster thing again, I should totally blog it. Wouldn’t be half as entertaining as this, though 🙂

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